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Backgammon Swing Tournament

A lot of people from all over the world practicing their mind and having fun while competing in backgammon tournaments and in one-on-one backgammon games. Nowadays, you may find a lot of backgammon tournaments conducted over the Internet. There are spontaneous and previously planned tournaments. If you want to take a part in a spontaneous tournament, you have to check if there are any players registered on the site. In order to be registered, all you have to do is click an “Enter” button, next to the main list of players. When you want to get registered to a pre-planned tournament, you and the other players must agree upon a starting moment (month, day, time). Usually, it is important to have as many participants as possible, since the prizes are determined, respectively to the money gathered by entering charges. You may check from time to time the main list, in order to see when the tournament begins.

Swing Tournament
This article is going to focus in a special kind of backgammon tournament, called “Swing”. A Swing tournament is a competition, in which all competitors start with the same number of chips and they keep on playing until only one player remains; the one, who has accumulated all existing chips. The players are matched randomly. Each player starts with an initial stake (chips per point). At the beginning of a game, if one of the players has fewer chips, than the established bet, he must use all his chips. The chips per point are taken regularly during the tournament, but not during a simple game. The position of the player will be decided at the end of each game; this way, players can calculate their winning chances. The term, chips per point means – the number of chips corresponding to each point during the game. This value doesn’t change during the game. For example, if a player wins a normal game, in which the chips per point had a value of 100 and the doubling cube final value was 2, the player gets 200 chips.

Swing backgammon tournaments have fairly short matches, usually 3 points, getting as long as 5 or 7 points in later rounds. This detail makes the luck factor very significant, and obviously brings more of the gambling aspect to these tournaments. You pay an entry fee to a tournament, and relay mostly on luck rather than skill.

Online Backgammon tournaments
Backgammon tournaments have invaded the web, and choosing the most appropriate one for you, is not a simple task. Do your own search and pay attention to the following elements: number of players on site, amount of active tables, types and frequency of backgammon tournaments, fees and commissions and of course other things that might be important to you, such as sound and graphics, features and bonuses.

Play65™, as you will learn pretty fast, has the greatest online backgammon tournament program. Backgammon players, from all over the world, participate in backgammon tournaments on a daily basis. The website offers prizes ranging from 5 to more than 50,000 dollars. So, try your luck in a swing tournament or choose another type of competition; have fun, play and win money!

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