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Backgammon for Money – 2 Ways to Make Money of It

Any internet user, let alone someone who had the chance to play backgammon online, is familiar with the two concepts, ‘backgammon for money’ and ‘affiliate program’. The term, backgammon for money (or ‘money backgammon’), refers to backgammon online games, played for a minimum bid, which is set by the player, who creates the game table. In any case, whether it is a single game or series of games, the minimal sum the winner gets is the initial bid minus commission, collected by the website. The sum may grow up to the initial bid multiplied by 64, according to the value of the doubling cube; that is to say that even if the first bid seems small, the final sum may reach a substantial amount of money.The affiliate program is derived from the existence of backgammon for money games, and is being offered by websites as a private marketing option.

Playing Backgammon Online for Pleasure
Most backgammon for money players, play for pleasure and not for the extra income, but the fact that skilled players, can win substantial sums, cannot be ignored. Every coin has two sides; there for, for each winner there is a loser. That’s the way of life. One must approach the game prepared as much as possible, in order to avoid being on the loser side. Backgammon online is a fast game, with no spare time for thinking, hesitating or making mistakes. A person, who is interested in playing backgammon online, especially backgammon for money, where you risk more than a rate or a prestige, must be aware of the backgammon rules and features. An understanding of these options gives the player an opportunity to plan his moves ahead and make the right decisions; so that, even if the player does not win, the financial damage is minimal.

Playing Backgammon for Money
Players, who seek for more profit and less challenge, look for lower rated rivals. They start with low stakes and double the bid every chance they get. The real pros, who are not interested in easy money, prefer challenging games; backgammon online and offline tournaments, where prizes reach thousands of dollars, world championships and large casino matches, which can grant them with even higher prizes. The high skilled players can make a real living out of the game, like professionals in any other competitive field do; but there are only a few of those. In order to achieve master level, natural talent and a lucky hand are not enough; many hours of training and studying are required.

Affiliate program
Backgammon online allows people to make money, not only by playing and winning backgammon for money games, but by participating in private marketing programs, which put nothing at risk. Many of the backgammon servers offer their registrants attractive rewards for marketing assistance. Usually, there is a fixed commission, for bringing new members, which is allocated and transferred directly to the user’s account. A new member is a player that registers to the website, downloads the game and deposits the minimal sum needed in order to play backgammon for money.

The commissions usually range from 25-50$ and there are often extra bonuses for a higher number of registrants. For example, if a person brings 25 new registrants to backgammon for money website, he gets an extra bonus, in addition to the regular fee times 25, which is likely to reach a few hundreds of dollars, according to the company regulations.

Those private marketing programs are called affiliate programs or ‘a friend brings a friend’; joining them is easy, fast and accessible. In general, the majority of backgammon for money websites operates in a similar manner, based on the following process:
A person who is interested in the program, signs in and gets a personal link, which he then sends and spreads out among those, who are likely to be interested in joining. A way to reach a large audience is planting electric ads in other websites of any sort, including forums, chats, blogs etc. It does not matter, which method is chosen; as long as new people register to play backgammon for money games, the affiliate is rewarded correspondingly.

Affiliate program is a safe and easy way to earn an extra income, in exchange for a minor investment of time and effort; all it takes is sending some e-mails or uploading ads to websites. The exposure and time, work for the affiliate for free, and all he has left to do is withdraw his commissions.

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