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The eagerness to win runs in some people blood, even if it requires deceiving others and breaking the law. Backgammon cheat was easy and there for common, up till the 90’s of the previous century, when online backgammon was launched. All a player needed to succeed in backgammon cheats were a quick hand, fast thinking and avoiding games against players with a similar character or against extremely suspicious rivals; needless to say that focused observers are not helpful in carrying out successful scams. It is hard to prove backgammon cheats in friendly games, as in the absence of a referee or other authority responsible for keeping the backgammon rules; any mistake may be considered as an innocent confusion.

Mode of play has been changed, since online backgammon spread and drawn many backgammon players to the virtual space. Affected the most, were those who used to manipulate the dice numbers to their favor, to make illegal moves or to simply make repeated ‘innocent’ mistakes with steps counting. These backgammon cheats methods were automatically blocked, since a computer started conducting the games; after all, it is a well known fact, that it is a complicated task to manipulate computers, unlike humans, who are less aware and more forgiving to their fellows’ mistakes.

Whoever thought this was the end of manipulated games and internet backgammon cheat was very wrong. People love winning and hate losing, even when the game is not played for money, moreover, even when the competitor is not human. If there is something to count on, it is the fact that people will always find ways to break rules and protection systems, in order to fool others and win, at all costs. Unfortunatelly, backgammon cheats are here to stay and the only thing that have changed is the answer to the question: how to cheat in backgammon?

Soon after online backgammon started to gain popularity, programmers have begun to develop ‘cheaters’ (backgammon cheats software). Originally, this computer software was meant to help players learn the game and build strategic thinking; but in practice, there are players that use it for internet backgammon cheat, in order to defeat rivals with higher skill level. Some backgammon cheat programs literally replace the player, and the naïve opponent gets to play against a computer, which is almost impossible to compete with; other backgammon cheats software allow the player to chose, illegally of course, the dice scores, as well as advising the player regarding moves and doubling decisions.

Just like other systems of data protection, which secure financial data, content etc., online backgammon websites operate special security systems that were developed right after the internet backgammon cheat have started to appear. It is an endless race between good and evil, which should not be treated lightly. Sophisticated as the security systems may be, so are the ways programmers find to bypass them; there for, the online backgammon websites must keep suspicious awareness, in order to hinder the inexhaustible efforts of scamming and backgammon cheat.

Today it seems security systems have the upper hand, which is one of the prominent advantages of online backgammon; but still, caution must be maintained. The easiest and safest way to conduct internet backgammon cheat at the present is to use another player skills as an outside advisor, or to use a second computer uploaded with a backgammon cheat software, both which the security systems cannot track. As an attempt to prevent these scams as well, Play65™ records all online backgammon tournaments and matches, so if there is any suspicion of backgammon cheats, the entire game could be watched and examined. In rare cases, Play65™ assembles a special committee, made up of three backgammon champions to discuss appeals.

Live backgammon games provide fun, excitement and above all a social recreation. The trouble is that beside the necessity to be at a certain place in a certain time, backgammon cheats are pretty simple to implement, in more than one way; manipulating the dice, making illegal moves, making mistakes in step counting, and in backgammon for money games, some players tend to avoid paying their debt and just disappear. Online backgammon there does not have such options, as a player cannot participate in a game, unless he has enough money in his account; and so, right after the game ends, the money is transferred automatically from the loser account to the winner’s account.

Internet backgammon cheat methods are limited to illegal human help or assistance of backgammon cheats software, which the advanced security systems can detect, if it is located on the same computer, even if not activated. The security software is programmed not only to disqualify immediately the player, using backgammon cheats, but also to block his or hers account and access to the website, for good.

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