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Read all there is to know about Play65™ platform; professional articles, written by players, reviewing Play65™’s software, features, tournaments etc.

Play65™ backgammon articles will guide you through the numerous possibilities and benefits offered by the website. Play65™ is a friendly, innovative and indulging backgammon platform, which provides its players with a safe and comfortable backgammon online environment, filled with technical, social and other beneficial advantages. The following articles will accompany you in your initial backgammon online journey; and will help you progress from beginners’ level to an advanced skill level. Why should you favor Play65™? How to register and operate backgammon download? How to play backgammon and how to manage the different backgammon online modes? All the answers to those questions and many more are waiting for you in Play65™ backgammon online articles.

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