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By Andrew Polochkin If you have a lot of money and you do not feel sorry to part with it, this article is not for you. You can safely forget about it and continue to play online backgammon for money, since not having read this article, you have nothing to lose.

If you want to receive from Backgammon games not only high spirits but also material satisfaction; if every cent you have on your account counts, then I advise you to consider carefully all of the below.

Unlike the free games, playing Backgammon Online for real money requires a much more serious approach. There are no trifles. All stages are important, from selecting a partner for the game until determining the size of the bet.

During the preparation for the game try to follow these tips:

  • Be absolutely sober. Meaning, before and during the game, you should use neither alcohol nor other mind-altering substances.
  • Do not sit down to play, if any unpleasant events are occurring in your life, upsetting you. Either way, they will subconsciously distract you from the game, and interfere with your focus.
  • Before the game you should have a good night’s sleep. The head should be clear and work smoothly, like a computer. Choose the most convenient mode for you to play, in which you think you are in your best.
  • Do not start to play, having a small amount of money in the account. If you are not lucky, you will lose it quickly, and your game is over. It is always necessary to have a chance to equalize.

Do not play online backgammon for money with just anybody. Choosing the right opponent is the key to success. First, choose the opponent, whose rating is lower than yours. If you are called, take the time to answer and think about whether this player suits you. After each game, analyze it, using one of the computer programs. You will see your level of play, and most importantly, you will find out how your opponent is playing. Keep a record of opponents, sorting them into groups: strong, weak and unstable. After accumulating a database of players, safely choose a game with players from the weak group. Playing with strong players, you will certainly gather experience and learn something new, but most likely you will lose, and lose money.

In the first games of Backgammon Online for real money choose to play without the doubling cube. A strong and experienced player has a huge advantage over the novice, when it comes to a game with the cube.

Do not play backgammon while listening to music – it is distracting and creates a festive mood, even in moments, you need to save the game. Playing with music blunts your reaction, and you might miss the moment, in which you must move to a defensive game strategy.

Play the game correctly, based on an accurate computation. Do not rush and make the first move that jumps to your head. It is not always the best move, and hence, may lead you to failure. You need to find all possible moves and consider them one by one, gradually discarding the unusable. Especially be careful when doubling.

After losing several matches, do not fall into emotions and straighten the situation, using your wits for a correct calculation. Don’t give up. You have to understand that when you play for money even scores are rare. Very often, series of victories are followed by successive defeats; and this should be treated as calmly as possible.

It is very bad to think about money while playing backgammon. It can affect the decision-making; you might be too cautious, thus making weaker moves than you could. This folk wisdom has been tested many times in practice: ‘The most mistaken is the one who is afraid of being wrong’.

Finally, the last and perhaps the most important advice, manage your bankroll properly. Bankroll – the total amount of money a player allocates for the game. In determining this amount, you know you can risk only the money that you can lose without much damage to yourself. This amount should not, under any circumstances be exceeded.

Ruling the bankroll management is the primary criterion in determining at what bet rates you should play, so that when you have bad luck, you do not lose all the money.

There are three types of bankroll management – cautious, normal and aggressive. With careful bankroll management betting on a game or match should never exceed 3% of your total bankroll. This type should be chosen by beginners. After gaining some experience, and only with a steady increase in your bankroll, you can proceed to the normal type of reference. This type of bet size should range from 3 to 5% of current bankroll. The most experienced players and master degree may already use an aggressive type (from 5 to 10% of current bankroll).

Some players try to bet at a game of backgammon according to the Martingale system. The essence of this system is to double the bet after a loss. While this seemingly ensures a gradual increase of your bankroll, doing so is very dangerous. The fact is that after several defeats in a row (which is not very rare in backgammon, if you are on a “black” row) the size of the bets may become so large that you simply do not have that much money or have no one that agrees to play with you on such amount.

Greed is one of the major evils that prevent a proper plan for the game. Winning several games in a row, the player thinks that he will continue to win and begins to take unnecessary risks. Get rid of these illusions as soon as possible, and have a good luck in your Online Backgammon for money games!

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