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By Andrew Polochkin So, have you pressed the button “Backgammon Download“, installed the program, got connected to a server, and are ready to start a backgammon online game? If you have a free half an hour on your hands, you may try playing backgammon in one of the tournaments Play65 offers. Otherwise, start searching for an opponent, who proposes most suitable game conditions for you, or create a backgammon game table by yourself.

When choosing an opponent, it is necessary to be careful from players with a grey color rating cube; they are new players who have recently registered to the server and consequently have played a very small amount of backgammon online matches. The actual game strength of these players can be very high. With such players you should not play backgammon on high stakes, at once. Selecting opponents with a rating value closer to yours is better. In order to quickly find a partner for backgammon game on virtual money, it is recommended to leave several requests (create tables) in different rooms. You do not need to worry that in case, in which a few people will accept your requests, you will have to play a few matches simultaneously; since, at the beginning of the first match, all the rest of your requests will be cancelled.

The terms and conditions of backgammon game are called parameters. Using parameters you may offer to play a single game (it is also referred to as money game) or a match. Single games have a set value of one point, and you should state the maximum amount (limit) a player is exposed to on that given game. For any value of the doubling cube at the end of a game and regardless of the type of win; gammon (equals 2 points) or backgammon (worth 3 points); a player will not lose more than specified by the limiting stake parameters. Matches of several games are played until one of the players reaches the predetermined number of points. This is usually an odd number. If the game comes to an end with gammon or backgammon, the number of points, 2 or 3, will be multiplied by the doubling cube value. The Crawford’s rule is often applied in matches; it states that as soon as one of the players, who are up to a victory over a match, needs only one point to win, the following game, is played without a doubling cube. This game is referred to as Crawford’s game. If this game is won by the player who is lagging behind in the count, the following games are played as usual; that is with a doubling cube. During the match only one sum is displayed –the bet of the whole match. Matches can be played without a doubling cube, but as a rule, such matches last longer. Hereby, marathon duel will be up to 21 points match in length, without a cube. If you are a beginner on a server or having unstable connection with the Internet, it is not recommended choosing ‘super-blitz’ game speed, as in this case you may not have enough time to finish the match, due to the expiration of allocated game time.At studying the terms proposed by an opponent or at drawing up the conditions for a backgammon for money game, you should be extremely careful. For example, at transition from games on virtual money to backgammon for real money game, the value of the bet that appears may be too high for you; do not forget to change this value to one that suits you.

During an online backgammon game at Play65, your checkers always move counter-clockwise on the board, regardless of their color. It is made specifically for the convenience of the players. Each player color of checkers is determined automatically. The player who has registered to the server earlier gets the light-color checkers. At the beginning of a game it is recommended to establish the tag “Auto-throw”; it will accelerate the speed of the game, since at your turn the dice will be rolled at once, without waiting to your decision regarding the doubling cube; but when you feel you might want to increase the bet, this tag should be disabled.

Play65 does not prohibit playing a few backgammon matches simultaneously, on different tables; but such an extreme kind of game can be recommended only for skilled players.

It is impossible to play infinitely long backgammon games at Play65 matches. In order to accelerate the game and to control the time spent on thinking and planning, two timers are used. First reckons the time, allocated to a player for each turn. After this time is used up, the game does not come to an end; the backup timer, given to players for the entire game, starts decreasing the reserved time. Only when this time counter reaches zero, the player is considered to be out of time. At that moment the game comes to an end; and the delayed player loses accordingly to current existing rules, or by the game’s award, irrespective of current position on the board. The special program version of Backgammon Blitz, awards players by counting the chances of each one for a victory, according to the position, which was created at the moment of interrupting the game; then the bet, is divided between the players, proportionally to those chances.

If during backgammon online game one of the players gets disconnected from the server, he has 5 minutes to restore connection. Unfortunately, some players disconnect games deliberately, when are in bad positions, out of hope to get part of the bet back, by the chances results. A player, who repeatedly disconnects games, loses the game.

Each backgammon online match is automatically stored in a separate file with a ‘mat’ expansion in the user profile folder: … \ AppData\ Local\ Play65\ savedgames. The name of a file contains match identifiers, tournament and nick names of both players. Previous matches can be viewed by pressing the ‘Game History’ button that opens a window, in which you select a match; then a window with the game chronology is opened. It should be noted that if during a match a player reloads the program for any reason, a part of the match report may be absent. During the Play65 program installation, at ‘chronology’ window, mark the tag “Automatically save all games” and virtual money matches will be saved as well under: … \ savedfungames. Thanks to the fact that matches reports are kept in the most popular format ,”mat”; they can be reloaded later into any backgammon program (for example, GNU backgammon) in order to analyze and see both yours and your opponents mistakes.

Have great rolls!

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