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The speaker bar is 324 mm, or 1.063 feet in height and is lightweight, making it a true portable speaker bar. From left to right, the buttons are volume up, power, and volume down. A light glows “green” when the speaker is switched to “on.” There is an auxiliary input located on the back of the bar. And it’s the nice fabric-wrapped handle that really gets to the crux of what Bose’s Portable Home Speaker is bringing to the overwhelmingly crowded speaker market. There are, in fact, Bluetooth powered home audio solutions that are meant to replace traditional stereo systems, bookshelf speakers, and other audio fixtures. The focus of this buying guide is on portable units that you can easily move around your house, take out to the yard, and beyond. We researched 10 expert sources such as PC Mag, Tech Radar, and CNet, as well as 13,000 consumer reviews to select the top seven bluetooth speakers of the year.

There is a choice of hardware, Access Modular Controllers, readers and credentials, that can then be compatible with various software solutions as the system scales up to keep pace with the company’s needs. Enjoy integrated, whole-house smart lighting systems and control with URC’s Total Control home lighting automation products.

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The enterprise access control system provides advanced functionality that is designed for the complex access control environment. Using the Schlage Home app makes start up, management, and monitoring of your smart lock simple. There’s no need for an external hub or bridge like a majority of competitors, and the app integrates nicely with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you connect a Ring camera to the lock, you can have packages dropped off directly into your home. Outside of this, you have your standard smart lock features like door lock status, remote lock and unlock, as well as shareable digital keys for guests or workers. Then it adds a pivoting 360-degree camera that can track motion throughout a room and massively expand coverage areas.

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This is obviously very hand from a portability perspective, but you shouldn’t expect stellar sound quality from most of these units. The built-in speakers tend to be smaller and more stripped down so that the unit itself is lighter and easier to transport, but that comes at the cost of sound quality. If you’re looking for a portable karaoke unit that can really crank some music, you should pay special attention to the sound output specifications of each machine you check out. There are units out there more than capable of delivering decent sound to entire rooms at a time if necessary.

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Just take this little speaker with you throughout your home, and conveniently set it down to charge. Like most speakers we’ve tested from Sonos, the Roam also sounds great, producing excellent audio at decent volumes. If you’re looking to stretch your dollar, but your discerning ears just won’t accept lackluster sound, the JBL Flip 5 is a dependable choice. This speaker is very portable, with a better waterproof rating than the top-performing models from Bose. It can survive complete submersion, it only weighs 19 ounces, and it doesn’t take up much space in a backpack. Its balance of quality sound and durability make it extremely versatile. Price aside, there are some compelling reasons to choose this speaker over a Bose.

Home alarm systems definitely improve a home’s security because thieves tend to attack targets that present less potential danger of getting caught. Home alarm systems can help protect many different aspects of you and your family’s day-to-day life, so it’s often worth the investment for safety, security, and peace of mind. There are so many ways to improve the safety and security of your home. Take time to decide which options suit your own needs and then look at what systems will work best for you and your family.